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Export Manager, AMIT

The Czech- Irish Green Building Conference

October 30

Irish Architectural Archive

Showcasing some of the best Czech Green Building Companies

The AMiT company is a major Czech manufacturer of control systems and electronics for industrial and building automation. AMIT have achieved their leading position in the market mainly thanks to a close link between their own state-of-the-art manufacturing process and unrivaled technical support. AMIT has almost 30 years of experience in building automation and guarantees success for even the most challenging commercial and industrial clients

Managing Director, Jablotron

Jablotron exports to 75 countries. It is a leader in the field of home security and home automation systems, as well as manufacturer of all the technologies needed to provide ventilation, heating, cooling and domestic hot water for passive and energy efficient homes.

Jablotron is bringing fantastically tuned ventilation systems to the Irish market. The Jablotron ventilation system has heat and controlled moisture recovery, cooling and heatpump attachments, heated domestic water tank with integrated heat pump. Jablotron is partnered with Irish company ProAir, who will be providing distribution, service and support.

Roman Salomoun is Jablotron’s Managing Director, Inventor and Mechanical Designer of these state of the art products; he will be able to answer any questions.

The Irish Architectural Archive

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